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What Did Your Weekend Look Like?

A day of work and a day of rest
is what the weekend looked like for us.

I started my Saturday with the usual-
a cup of coffee.

We had already decided to do a little Spring Cleaning.

I started cleaning out my closet and made it 
through each room like the Tasmanian Devil
leaving behind a whirlwind of mess!

It's crazy the things we see when we're in lock down.
No, we're really not in lock down.
We're just being smart.

I decided I didn't like my picture frames 
not to be the same color. 
I took them all down...

...revealing all the nail holes

...from every time I didn't get it right.

Can I tell you I counted 20?

Oh, please!

So, I rearranged them with different frames.
and took them down again,
and painted the wall.

The holes, of course, are still there
but the scratches are not. 

So, we now have a blank wall.
and a stack of frames.

David put up the wall art above 
the glass door,

"May the Lord bless you and keep you, 
May His face shine upon you and 
be gracious to you.  
May He show you His favor and 
give you peace."
Numbers 6:24-26

Thought you may need that blessing today.

Lastly, the Nashville Mayor has declared a lock down.
The Mayor of Mt. Juliet, where my kids are,
and the mayor of Lebanon, where we live, 
will probably follow pursuit, 
but not yet.

Never has this happened in the city of Nashville.

The stores in Lebanon are crazy busy.
Not a bit of toilet paper (which I don't need),
no bread of any kind, or ground beef in any form.

Today, I remembered the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.

I worshiped in my pjs all day!
I listened to several different preachers, 
heard my girl sing at her church, 
and listened to praise
all while in my pjs.

I didn't put a brush to my hair,
but I did brush my teeth.

What did your weekend look like?


  1. My weekend was BORING but we are well and for that I will be thankful. I watched several services on-line yesterday and was happy to hear some wonderful singing and sermons. We will get thru this, have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Our state was put on lockdown today, for the next 3 weeks. Hope people listen!
    We had a quiet weekend - church at home, did some cleaning and sorting like you.
    I have that blessing on a plaque in our kitchen. Love it!

  3. Finally catching up with you! We are all at home for our second wee and doing ok. Yesterday my DIL went to Costco and got what we needed except for enough meat. If it's there it's rationed as to how much you can get. Our family of 8 will be ok but it may be different. I made a big meatloaf tonight hoping for left overs. Will see.
    Please take care, dear friend! I should be doing more cleaning than I am but I'd rather read ☺

  4. Still trying to take it all in and keep it in perspective. I'm staying away from the family but it's kinda hard to do this in the RV with Jim. Good thing he has his space and I have mine...and that's all I'm gonna say about that...LOL! Love ya, girl!

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