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The "All Things"

 Does anyone else look to a new year with a little fear.  Probably not.  I have been overcoming fear, it seems, for all of my life.  Maybe it started when my little brother got killed when I was 14 years old.  Until that time, I believed the verse, "All things work together for good..." to mean that "all things that work together ARE good."  Believe me, I'm not without faith and I've come to understand and appreciate the "all things" because I've seen that evident in my life. It is an evil world.  God is in ultimate control and He is Good.  Today, I'm learning to speak faith over fear!  I've learned that the "all things" do come together and we are made stronger and able to see God for who He is, Jehovah Jireh, Our Provider, Jehovah Rapha, Our Healer... Just today, I learned about the passing of Linda's son.  My heart is so sad in hearing this.  In our blogging world, we come to love each other as family, a relationship th

Christmas and A New Year

I got to Nashville on the 23rd and had lots of special time with all the kids and babies.  We had our Christmas as a family on Christmas Eve. Each family got our individual attention. We made crafts together with these.   And played games with these.  Christmas night we gathered with our best friends, my daughter-in-law's parents. Yes, we are thankful that we get to share our grandchildren.  Then I had a sleepover with these two.  The day I was supposed to go home, I woke up with aches, cough and fever. I tested positive for Covid and had to drive a 7 hour trip by myself. The Mr. had gone home the day before.  A couple of days later, most of the family, extended family and close neighborhood friends that had gone ice skating with our kids came down with it.  I've been recovering and we're all on the mend. This is the second time my daughter has had it, the 4th or 5th quarantine.  It helped that it snowed for them near the end of the quarantine. The kids were climbing the wa