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The 40-Day Sugar Fast: Day 24

I'm on Day 24 of my 40-day Sugar Fast. I'm past many of the symptoms I had in the beginning, but I'm having stomach issues.  I think it's coffee! It's been on the hardest things I've ever done, but one of the best! I've lost some pounds.  I've gained far more! Yesterday, I got a message from my supervisor that my morning client had canceled services for the day. I so needed a morning to just sit and feed on all that God has been teaching me. Each chapter has been exactly what I've needed for each day. The day she addressed healing past hurts, Holy Spirit brought to my mind some issues that I needed to deal with. The day she dealt with boredom and idle minds, I was scrolling, switching back and forth from Facebook, Word Cross, Instagram, and Pinterest to fill the loneliness. Sometimes, I feel so alone. I miss the familiar. I miss community. I miss seeing people that I know. Anyone else get

Starting Over

Does anybody like starting over? Sometimes it's good to get a fresh start,  turnover a new leaf,  start fresh,  begin again,  get a new lease on life. Those are good start-overs,  the kinds we choose for ourselves.  I've started over because I chose to. I've started over because I had to.  I've started over when it was not my choice to do so. Since I lost my old blog and had to start over,  I've not enjoyed blogging.  I have managed to find and keep a few of you,  but I'm having trouble reconnecting with many.  This is the kind of start-over that I don't like. It's gonna take time to rebuild what has been lost. Some relationships are like that. Others require little effort and stand the test of time. After my parent's death, I was sad. I was angry. I was hurt. I was in a really bad place. And I hurt others. I'm not proud of that. I created distance from the people I needed the most. And I

I Run

The cravings have intensified over the past few days,  so I have decided to go back to the beginning. Today I awoke feeling, weak and tired. I cried out to the Lord for help,  totally dependent on Him to make me strong.  As I looked to Him, I felt His strength rise within me.  Starting from the beginning,  I'll share some of my thoughts as I began this journey. Day 3: Lord, I awake this morning anxious and exhausted.  My heart is beating fast, I can't breathe.  I feel like I've awakened from a bad dream, sweating, fearful.   I've been running for so long. When stress comes from the pressure of the job, I run...I quit. When I'm overwhelmed in whatever ministry I am in, I run...I think someone else can do it better, and I walk away...I run...away from what made me feel insecure.  Insecurity led to jealousy and I ran.  In my wanderings and running, I'm realizing that I ran away from these things, but I didn't run to YOU.

A Bit Extreme?

Does anyone else out there need to be reminded that  SUNNY DAYS are just AHEAD? The prediction at the beginning of the season: Colder temperatures and SNOW. I think we've had 2 days of snow that was gone by mid-morning. I do declare, I think it's rained 4 out of 7 days since October. That may be stretching it a bit, but I can tell you this girl is ready for SPRING! This year we did Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. I think it may be a new tradition.   Because she knows how much we love tea parties,  my sister-in-law gave all the "littles" Santa and Elf mugs. Look at these little hands.   And those pinkies! It was morning and they were all  smiles and giggles with anticipation. We gathered mid-morning for a brunch. My favorite memories involve food-lots of it- and family. It's no wonder that food is our go-to.' Birthdays Cake and Ice Cream New Years Day Black-eyed peas,

Beginning Sugar-Fast

I can't believe it's been 8 months!  I got lost in the land of the living. I have a new job, actually two jobs,  (I'll talk about later!) one full-time, one part-time as well as being on call to babysit. I would say I am, have been, will be for awhile   B eyond Busy! There's too much to catch up on in one post so look for many things to follow... hopefully sooner than later.  As you can see, the babies are growing up. Today Mr. H and I took a much needed day for ourselves.  In our almost 5 years in Nashville,  we have been downtown to eat, two times.  Today was one of them.  We ate from the buffet at Puckett's  which had an hour-wait.  It was worth it and yummy and NO CARBS.  My reason to start blogging again,  is for accountability. Right now, we are in-between churches or  maybe I should say,  In-between the in-between of life.  I started keto-eating in January,  after reaching a peak