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At Rest

It's been a good week.  I started to write, "a good week of rest."  And then again, I've not rested, but my heart, mind and soul are "at" rest. I think we can be busy and still be at rest. And we can not be busy and not be at rest.  I spent the week cleaning, organizing and purging.  In one day, I filled the garbage can full to overflowing.  I have a stack to go to Goodwill and two more closets, the garage and the attic to ramble through.  I've had time with each grandchild.  My first girl, Cora said, "I think I need some special BonBon time."  I've needed it too! I worked hard this week, and I wasn't exhausted.  Sometimes it feels good to work.  But it feels even better to be at rest. Today I went back to The Waters for the Christmas party and to make up for a day that I had taken off to help my daughter with the babies.  It was good to go back and visit and enjoy some one-on-one time with some of my residents.   It started off r

Lord, Make a Hole in the Traffic

This small-town girl is learning to navigate in a big-town world. Back home in Georgia, I could get anywhere in 5 minutes-church, the grocery store, school, work, Walmart.  Now getting from my drive to the interstate takes more than 5 minutes. When I was growing up, there was no Walmart.  If we wanted to shop big, we had to go to big-town Augusta or Macon.  Compared to Nashville, those cities are small-town.  My mama knew no fear.  If she woke up and "needed to get away," she'd fill the tank with gas and head to Atlanta on a whim.  Getting on and off the interstate would send my gut into spasms.  I've heard her pray many times, "Lord, make a hole in the traffic."  To my amazement, He always did.  Why is it that we are amazed when God does the "anything we ask in His name?" Since living in Big-City Nashville, I've prayed that prayer many times. "Lord, make a hole in the traffic."  He's done it every time.  When I'm now merg


It's been a wonderful week of blessings.  We welcomed a new GRAND baby into our world, James Harrison Grant. He weighed 6 pounds and 13 ounces and is perfect! Our hearts are full to overflowing. Harper is wonderful with him.  She loves him so much.  Today is her birthday!  That means two birthdays at Christmas!  We will have a party!  Gotta run and get ready.

Bumping into Doors

So, I'm sitting in Starbucks, once again surfing the web for jobs.  I take a break to write a blog post and what pops up?  Yes, my old blog!  Go figure.  I guess I'll pick up where I left off with Vintage Girl 901 in hopes of connecting again with some of my favorite bloggers that I thought were forever in Blog Never-land. As many of your know, I turned in my notice at The Waters.  I can't tell you how much better I feel, well felt.  My last day is Friday just in time to enjoy the Holidays and take care of my daughter as she delivers our newest grandson.  However, reality has hit and Mr. H. is about to panic. Now I'm in panic mode and sitting at Starbucks, beginning another application process.  Certainly not where I want to be right now.  I keep saying, my life doesn't look like what I thought it would at this point. But it could always be worse. I was getting out of bed the other night to make my nightly run as mother nature called.  Having lived in the same h