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Look for the Flowers

  Right now, I have about 10 books on my kitchen table.    I've been so overwhelmed with feelings of darkness and despair that I've failed to see that there is a purpose in this season.    It is in finding I AM that I am able to find who I am.   While I am learning from HIM, I am continuing to consider the home. There's more that I will share in the days ahead, but today's message is simple.    I'm scanning the book by Jen Scmidt, Just Open the Door. At the end of each chapter, she give practical suggestions, Tidbits to Elevate the Ordinary.   These were some of my favorites.  (I may or may not have shared a post like this before.  It feels like I have.) Create a friendly and inviting front door area.   Maybe even paint the front door.  Put a new Spring wreath on the door.  You've seen mine before.  It says you're welcome. Personalize a message to your guests on a chalkboard.     This is a simple on

I’m Not Finished

Once again, I've been away.  I have few followers now and sometimes, I feel like I'm talking to myself or "Dear Diary."  That's okay because that's the reason I started my blog anyway. Since my last post, I've spent less time on Facebook and in Blog Land.  I've spent more time in my quiet place, thinking about my home, my life, my relationships with God and others.  We've changed communities-not as in where we live, but where we attend church and fellowship with other believers.  I didn't think it would be hard, but it has been.  There's so much I miss, however it was necessary for many reasons that I won't go into.  So once again, I've felt disconnected.  We've started a Bible Study group with a few ladies in and out of the church.  Being together has been my salvation.  We are attending a small church that is more traditional than I like and as my husband says is the church as we knew it 40 years ago.  He likes it more, but