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Hello Spring! My sister-in-law made me this pretty wreath. I added the bird nest. It's been a beautiful week here in East Tennessee. Have you noticed that some words, thoughts, songs, titles of books seem  to be the buzz for a certain period of time? Certain sayings, "buzz" words, #hashtagwhatever? A couple of years ago, I was trying to find a particular book about interior design.  Amazoned-it and can you imagine the books out there on design? I was recently searching to find LaTan Roland Murphy 's most recent book,  Courageous Women of the Bible .   Of course, my mind new it was something about courage.   Can you believe the books written in the last few years on Courage? (hers is my favorite!) The buzz word now in the decorating world is #minimalist. I'm still reading, Cozy Minimalist Home. (along with about 5 other books) Joshua Becker wrote in his book, More is Less ,  "Minimalism is

The Upside of Down

The Upside of Down I was asked by several of my friends to share some of my feelings about depression.       My prayer has always been to help those who are struggle with the dark heaviness of chronic depression ,  major depressive and bipolar disorder. The overwhelming feelings may be mild or chronic, simple or complex and may last for a month, 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years or what feels like 6 forevers. My whole life has been plagued with periods of extreme highs and lows.  Twelve years ago, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.  I started a blog called The Upside of Down. There really is an upside of down. I hope that as you walk with me on this journey you will find a message of HOPE and healing. I was depressed as a child.  I experienced bouts of depression as a teenager and young adult with episodes of mania and rage.  I questioned my salvation.  I questioned my sanity.  After the birth of my first child, I was treated for depression and was put on an ant


Does anyone else get amazed at our Sovereign God,  The All-Powerful Omnipotent One? Well, I am!  I shouldn't be. He's been more than faithful! Today just seems to be a day of revelation for me! A day when God shows me WHO HE IS! I often go through this thing with my purpose.  My thoughts become quite selfish... What am I here for? My life wasn't supposed to look like this? I thought you called me, God? I'm still waiiiiting.....? And when I think back over my conversations with God,  I'm ashamed.  It rings to the tune of "me, me, me, me, me." (Remember the warm-up notes in chorus?) God has been showing me over the past few weeks, a glimpse of His  purpose, and that it's not about me.  Hang on while I go there. It may be a long ride. Go back with me about 43 years ago... I was a 15 year old teenager at a little church camp in Adrian, Georgia.  I met another preacher's daughter with whom I instantly

Cozy Miniminalist...or Not!

I promised to write about Finding Home, the book that is yet to be written. It's a's called life. My home is made up of stuff, both literally and figuratively... Well, let's just say because I like stuff and I'm a little crazy,  I want a blog that includes both my crazy and my stuff.   Am I making sense?  If not, follow along.  I actually found a way to start a blog and make money while doing it!   This is "crazy lady in the basement talking" now. That's what my friend, Amanda calls her other self. The Blog is called It's a Lovely Life by Heather Delany Reese. It's A Lovely Life  Today, I want to try it.  I'm so tired of Blogspot.   Google has both of my blogs together, but they have a different domain.  The Upside of Down is not even out there.   Today I tried to post this blog to Facebook, and it indicates that someone may have stolen this domain. I'd have to start completely