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Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Wow!  So much has happened since my last post.
On March 3, 2020 at 12:45 am, the ping of my phone awakened me
with "a severe thunderstorm warning for Northwest Wilson County, TN,"
with directions to go to an interior room.

Oh well, we've had thunderstorms before.
I guess I fell asleep because 30 minutes later I get a call
from my frantic daughter,
"Did you get the weather warning?"

"Yes. There's a severe thunderstorm headed our way."

"No, there's a tornado headed your way."

I start to argue.

"Mama, we are looking at it right now. Get in the hall."

I'm a small town girl.

The only sirens I've ever heard were from emergency vehicles.
Do we even have tornado sirens in Washington County, GA?

Sirens!  Many.
The Roar. Then the quiet.
Eerieness for sure!

While in my safe place,
 I covered my heard with a blanket
and prayed Psalm 91:7,

"A thousand may fall at your side
and ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you."

Praying that prayer was not a guarantee that I would not fall,
that our house would not be damaged or destroyed,
or that we would be safe from the storm.

However, praying those words, gave me a peace in
the midst of the storm that raged all around.

Reports and live videos were already being posted
 of the damage to buildings in downtown Nashville.

Picture above from Donaldson, TN
the neighborhood where our daughter lived
when Harper was born.

This precious drawing was found in the parking
lot of a local business.
A few blocks away, my Grandchildren's school was a total loss.

Seeing these photos did not compare to what I saw first hand.
The community where Christy and Troy lived when Harper was born
looks like a war zone.

Donaldson Christian Academy was a total loss.

Two doors down from where they lived, a house was leveled.
I rode around and cried.  I didn't recognize the roads where
I used to walk my baby girl.
Total devastation.

Tornado damage included East Nashville,
Donaldson/Hermitage Area, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon,
and Cookeville, TN.

Damaged areas in Mt. Juliet included
an area only a mile from where our children live.

Damage in Lebanon was only
a mile from where we live.

Can't even express how thankful I am for God's protection!
And yet, so sad for those who lost so much.

 Between the tornado and the virus, these kids
have been out of school since March 2.

We are collecting books to help the schools in the county,
many affected by the storm.

Plans were underway for the children to finish the year at another school,
but then...

Now we are homeschooling!

Quarantine is good!

Fresh Air

Long Walks

Brother reads to baby sister.

Sisters play together.

Baby brother enjoys physical education
and mommy gets her share.

Big sister learns to read and write.

I welcome the slower pace.

Because I am in healthcare, I have to work.
My member and I are no longer out in the community,
but I continue to care for him.
We are using every precaution.
I feel safe and I am doing everything to keep him safe.

You know I have always struggled with anxiety.
Through-out this entire time,
I have been at total peace.

God's Word is True!

"You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you."
Isaiah 26:3

How's everyone else braving the storm?


  1. Oh my never dawned on me that you guys would be affected from that tornado...keeping all in prayer, sweet friend.

    Well..we are ok...NY state has a mandatory shut down; all non essential; (it's a ghost town out there), all schools/ colleges/ universities, rest./bars, beauty shops/barbers, museums, my commencement has been canceled etc. ALL CLOSED. We also have been ordered to stay inside (do you honestly believe folks will do this? Nooooo). We have 16 confirmed now in our little town of 9,000 (was 2 this morning). Its ok Bonnie...we are not husband honestly thinks I have already had it; last spring I was violently ill with recurring pneumonia and I was isolated for 15 days and the dr.'s couldn't figure the what or the whys. Why the guys never got it, no one knows...anyways, I am high risk anyways, so there it is.

    I will keep you and your family in prayer, sweet friend. PS I am following you, just incase...

    1. Girl, I really bet you did. My mother-in-law was the same way in October. Her immune system has weakened so much since then. I'm so very sorry you went through this and still got through school? So you graduate this year? Keep me up to date girl.

  2. Oh my goodness. YOU are blogging again. I'm happy to see you here posting.
    I'm SO sorry that you and your family are safe after those tragic tornados; that is scary and traumatic.
    I'm glad you are embracing the quaratine time and taking good care of your person.
    Stay safe, stay content, stay sane. XO

  3. So thankful that all my friends in TN are we are all weathering a different storm. We will be fine but wow, it's only been a week?? Sometimes it gets to me but most of the time I'm fine. May God be near to us all. (and he is ♥)

  4. Oh my goodness, so many things happening in your world. I'm so sorry to hear about the tornado hitting your area. What a precious drawing from a child during the time of the tornado. And now with the virus going around, we in California have to stay home now.

    Stay well, my friend, and I love your new blog look. It's so clean and fresh and wonderful.

    Thank you for visiting. I really appreciate it. It helps me when I have to stay inside right
    now. I was a stay at home mom for many years, so staying at home is second nature to
    me, but we all like to get out and connect with people now and then, so I appreciate you
    stopping by.


    *the Psalm verse is beautiful, and I really needed to hear that tonight. And these are such sweet pictures of your grandkids.


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