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All Things New

There's a contemporary Christian song that is sounding in my ear right now, All Things New by Big Daddy Weave.  I'm ready for the new. It's been a long winter. It's not been a cold winter here in Middle Georgia-just a long one. I love the cool temps but not the short days. I need the Vitamin D-not the kind that comes in a bottle.  It had been awhile since I've experienced a panic attack like the one I had a few days before Christmas. It was the morning after I had driven 8 hours to get to Nashville. I didn't sleep well. The kids were up early and I had anticipated a day of fun activities. We were going to make ornaments, paint Christmas trees, make and decorate a rice krispee train, bake and decorate cookies. I realized early that I had picked up the wrong bag of art supplies and had left most of my Christmas paint at home. It's crazy how one little thing can send me spiraling when I've pushed myself to the max with little time to rest. I could feel it c