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Is Alcohol Essential?

I'm guessing your world looks pretty much like mine... Social distancing Empty shelves Empty freezers No bread Hamburger meat Chicken breast Alcohol Hand sanitizer Wipes... Oh yeah NO TP. Everyone is going a little cra-cra! Is anyone else having a hard time not touching her face? I may even pick my nose. How hard is it to pump gas without touching anything? About the third day into social distancing, and having to work because I am "essential," I went to buy hand sanitizer. Of course, there was none. I have the recipe. Aloe vera gel...check Essential oil...check Alcohol After work, I stopped at 3 places. By this time, I'm feeling exasperated. In the pharmacy section... because that's where it should be, right? But what do I know?... "Sir, do you have any alcohol?" I was directed to Aisle 12, "Right behind you there!" Here I go.  Yelp.  Didn't give it a second thought. Be-bopping right along.

What Did Your Weekend Look Like?

A day of work and a day of rest is what the weekend looked like for us. I started my Saturday with the usual- a cup of coffee. We had already decided to do a little Spring Cleaning. I started cleaning out my closet and made it  through each room like the Tasmanian Devil leaving behind a whirlwind of mess! It's crazy the things we see when we're in lock down. No, we're really not in lock down. We're just being smart. I decided I didn't like my picture frames  not to be the same color.  I took them all down... ...revealing all the nail holes ...from every time I didn't get it right. Can I tell you I counted 20? Oh, please! So, I rearranged them with different frames. and took them down again, and painted the wall. The holes, of course, are still there but the scratches are not.  So, we now have a blank wall. and a stack of frames. David put up the wall art above  the glass door,

Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Wow!  So much has happened since my last post. On March 3, 2020 at 12:45 am, the ping of my phone awakened me with "a severe thunderstorm warning for Northwest Wilson County, TN," with directions to go to an interior room. Oh well, we've had thunderstorms before. I guess I fell asleep because 30 minutes later I get a call from my frantic daughter, "Did you get the weather warning?" "Yes. There's a severe thunderstorm headed our way." "No, there's a tornado headed your way." I start to argue. "Mama, we are looking at it right now. Get in the hall." I'm a small town girl. The only sirens I've ever heard were from emergency vehicles. Do we even have tornado sirens in Washington County, GA? Sirens!  Many. The Roar. Then the quiet. Eerieness for sure! While in my safe place,  I covered my heard with a blanket and prayed Psalm 91:7, " A thousand may fall at yo