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Be At Peace Farm

The Haywood Family Reunion was the first weekend in June so we headed to Georgia.  The weather was perfect.  The last time we were together all the children of Wes and Agnes Haywood were still alive, my daughter was in college and there were no grands and just a few other "littles" running around. On this perfect June, Spring-like day, we made our way down rural Middle Georgia back roads to Be At Peace Farm. This little piece of paradise belongs to my cousin Pam.  It's very close to where we cousins grew up on holidays, fishing, making frog holes in the sand, swimming in muddy waters, and exploring the country roads and woods around us.  It's close to where I was taught from the older cousins about the Birds and the Bees.  Notice the sign above.  My cousin is a beekeeper retired nurse and EMT. Much of what she used to build on the land came from the old home place of our Great Grandparents.  Tents were set up in case of rain.  Pam used grann