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Spring into Spring

Anyone else ready to Spring Forward? 

Oh my goodness! Just enough nip in the air to feel like an early Spring day. The trees around Georgia are beginning to bud. I've missed my babies so much the past couple of weeks but this afternoon  I feel a little lighter. 

It will be Easter weekend before I get to Nashville but I found this sweet little idea to make with the kids. We can go on a scavenger hunt and each Grand can create their own unique design. 

I've not done much in my booth for Spring. I had a yard sale and this is how the carport still looks.

I may have made $40. Ugh. It was cloudy day so, oh well. I'll price it all and put it in the booth this weekend. 

The littles are doing ok. Our youngest GRAND girl, Claire has to wear a patch for a weak eye. 

I think she's gonna be fine. She certainly daddy's girl. 
She was excited about going to his office. 

Our oldest GRAND girl, Cora, made the All-star team in basketball. She's a natural. 

She loves to FaceTime! 

Harper's had no repeat seizure scare so we are praying the increased medication is going to hold her. I'm praying for healing either way. 
This was book character day at school. 

This little one, Harrison is a little charmer and quite a comic. He has everyone wrapped around his little finger. 

I don't get many pictures of our big guy, Connor. This was Christmas and I think he's grown 2 inches since then. 
Almost time now to spring into


  1. Beautiful...thank you for the smiles...we will be moving on March 28th to Florida, just wanted you to know. smiles

  2. Your grands are all so stinkin' cute!

  3. I am ready for Spring, this weekend will make us appreciate next week:) A cold snap as my Daddy used to call it for a couple days. Those little ones are too precious. What would we do with FaceTime. The next best thing to being there. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!


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