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Is Alcohol Essential?

I'm guessing your world looks pretty much like mine...

Social distancing
Empty shelves
Empty freezers

No bread
Hamburger meat
Chicken breast
Hand sanitizer

Oh yeah

Everyone is going a little cra-cra!

Is anyone else having a hard time not touching her face?
I may even pick my nose.

How hard is it to pump gas without touching anything?

About the third day into social distancing,
and having to work because I am "essential,"
I went to buy hand sanitizer.
Of course, there was none.

I have the recipe.
Aloe vera gel...check
Essential oil...check


After work, I stopped at 3 places.
By this time, I'm feeling exasperated.
In the pharmacy section...
because that's where it should be, right?
But what do I know?...

"Sir, do you have any alcohol?"

I was directed to Aisle 12,
"Right behind you there!"

Here I go.  Yelp. 
Didn't give it a second thought.
Be-bopping right along.
Stopping mid-way, yelp!

Alcohol, the kind you drink!?
I wasn't talking about...

I stopped right there and started laughing.
Was this a joke?
I don't think so. 
I must have looked like I really needed something more!

I don't drink.  Don't like the stuff.
But hey, some right about now, may consider
alcohol as "essential."

Instead of wine, I prefer a sweeter taste, but
Just couldn't resist telling the story.


  1. Oh my goodness. You poor thing....but I couldnt help but giggle.
    It's dicey on what you can find these days. Stay sane!!

  2. P.S. HEY...what's different around here? The blog has a whole new look!!!

  3. Ha! Your world sounds just like mine. I do appreciate the laugh!

  4. Now that's funny! We are all just doing what we have to! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. That made me chuckle! Here in PA we only starting selling wine in grocery and convenience stores. I do enjoy wine occasionally, haven't had any since Christmas, But I just might enjoy a small bit one of these days! ☺
    Stay well! No one working away from home here, full house.
    Stay well, dear friend!

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